Sure. You can attend a seminar, meeting, or convention at a hotel somewhere.

But wouldn’t it be a lot more fun for these events to take place on a cruise ship or at an exotic location?

Well, you can, you know, but you have to understand the IRS rules which can be difficult.


Our three ways fact-filled article can help you:

1. IRS’s $2000 limit law:

Yes. A $2,000 limit on deductions sounds inadequate. Here you will learn how to avoid almost all dollar limits, many tax rules and deduct the cost you incur.


2. How to make an end-run about the IRS roadblocks: 

A U.S. cruise ship has to find by starters. But don’t worry. We have done all the research work and can provide you with a list of acceptable ships.


3. How to get bigger and better deductions:

  • Deduction limit of $2000 must be avoided.
  • Deduct all your costs and took the cruise whichever you want.
  • There is nothing about to worried to travel on a U.S. flagship and many more.