What form of business makes the most sense for you?

A general partnership?

A multi-member LLC taxed as a partnership?

An S-corporation?

A C-corporation?

Meese Khan can help explore your choices and take a closer look at multi-member LLCs treated as partnerships for tax purchases. Why? Because the multi-member LLC option will almost always be the preferred choice when compared to limited or general partnerships.

Three ways our fact-filled article can help you:

  1. We’ll tell you two great reasons to consider a multi-member LLC. For starters, a multi-member LLC can produce superior tax results. Plus, it provides the same liability protection as a corporation!
  2. We’ll explain the benefits of pass-through taxation. Your share of partnership taxable income, gains, deductions, losses, and credits all pass through to your personal return. That means you pay taxes at the personal level. And you don’t have to worry about the double-taxation issues that can potentially haunt C corporations.
  3.  We’ll provide a lot more valuable information. We’ll cover your eligibility for the QBI deduction, how you can benefit from special tax allocations of income and deductions, and the reason why a general-partnership option is usually a bad idea, and much, much more.

To find out why a multi-member LLC might make sense for you, Contact Meese Khan, LLP today! 

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