Does the IRS Require the Odometer Readings with the Mileage Rate?

You can use the following:

  1. The actual vehicle expense method
  2. The IRS standard mileage method

Our fact-filled article can help you in three ways:

1. You are going to learn why the IRS can require odometer readings to prove your deduction claim.

The request for the odometer readings at near to beginning and end of the year is a reasonable, if bothersome, application. The IRS is merely asking you to prove your mileage as required by law.

2. Why the standard mileage rate does not reduce the need for vehicle mileage records:

The same mileage records you need when there is the use of the actual expense method. The need for the appropriate documents that prove business mileage does not change when you use the IRS standard mileage rate.

3. What the IRS tells its examiners:

The IRS instructions are simple: “To verify total miles for the year, the taxpayer should inspect slips, provide repair receipts, or any other records showing total mileage at the beginning as well as the end of the year.”