You can take advantage of some valuable tax deductions you might have overlooked.

That’s right. If you know the IRS rules (and we do!), your currently-owned business cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans, (and even your personal vehicles!), can be the source of significant money-saving deductions!

Want to find out how? We’ll provide you with four, perfectly-legal strategies you can use. 

Four Strategies To Consider

Strategy #1: Take your spouse’s or child’s vehicle and sell it. This isn’t as nasty as it sounds. You can promptly buy a replacement vehicle for them before taking away their vehicles. So why would you want to deprive them (temporarily) of their vehicles? Because if you sell them you can create a useful tax-deduction loss.

Strategy #2: If you’re self-employed, use the buy-and-sell strategy. All business vehicles show a gain or loss upon sale. Now, under the new law, the vehicle trade-in is nothing more than a sale of the vehicle to the dealer. The result? Many self-employed taxpayers will come out ahead because their trade-ins automatically take advantage of the buy-and-sell strategy. 

Strategy #3: Cash in on past vehicle trade-ins. Have you been trading-in your old business vehicles for replacements? If so, calculate your possible loss-deduction right now. NOTE: Regardless of whether you used IRS mileage rates or the actual expense method for deducting your business vehicles, you could find a nice big deduction waiting for you.

Strategy #4: Put your personal vehicle into business service. Here’s why. Lawmakers reinstated 100% bonus depreciation, which creates an effective strategy – one that costs you nothing but can produce solid deductions. Are you (or your spouse) driving a personal vehicle? Put it into business service now

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