Learn how to endure tax reform and come out a winner

Dear Concerned Taxpayer:

The recently passed Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is devilishly complicated.

That’s why we made it simple. You see our new free guide zeroes in on seventeen high-impact changes in the law that can help you or hurt you. We’ll show you how to stay out of worry and come out a winner!


Everything is explained in simple language. The good. The bad. And the unpleasant so you can avoid expensive drawbacks and put more money in your pocket.

 Here are just some of the changes in the tax law we’ve covered in our free guide.

  • 199A Deduction
  • Gambling Losses
  • Section 179 Expensing
  • Alimony Payment
  • Hobby Deductions
  • State Tax Deduction
  • Charity Golf Tournaments
  • Home Mortgage Interest
  • Transportation Benefits
  • Client and Prospect
  • Itemized Miscellaneous
  • Vehicle Deductions
  • Business Meals
  • Deductions
  • Employee Meals
  • IRA Recharacterizations
  • Vehicle Trade-In
  • Entertainment
  • Qualified Improvement Property

Our guide is a great resource:

You’ll get admittance to a broad range of topics (like client business meals, charity golf tournaments, 199A, and more). In addition to this, we’ll provide links to information-packed articles, a new law, prior law, and tax-code section citations!